La durabilité est sa deuxième nature

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    Environmental Responsibility

    Cambria recycles all metal tooling, as well as 100 % of the water used in polishing. Additionally, our acquired quartz mine runs on full hydroelectric power and allows us to leave a smaller, greener footprint.

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    Cambria uses a Declare® label, which discloses a variety of details about our product. We are also listed as Health Product Declaration (HPD) v2,1 in the Public Repository.

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    Une cuisine saine

    Cambria is NSF 51 certified safe for use as a food preparation surface. Cambria est non poreux et non absorbant, donc il n'emprisonne pas l'humidité provenant des aliments crus ou des restes de nourriture qui peuvent héberger des bactéries nocives.


From the handpicked grains at the mine to the stunning countertop in your space, discover all the care, craftsmanship, and quality that goes into making and installing the world's most beautiful and innovative natural stone surfaces.

New Credentials

Cambria® quartz surfaces is a member of the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), Living Building Challenge Compliant and is participating in the Declare program. In addition, Cambria has been certified by Mindful Materials. These new certifications and membership demonstrate Cambria's commitment to product transparency and fit for projects concerned with sustainability, wellness, and environmental responsibility.

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